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Welcome to TradePro Africa

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20 Billion – Africa’s projected population in 2050

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Opportunity is having 17% of the world’s population, but only about 3% of global GDP

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African Continental Free Trade Area - World’s largest free trade area with 1.2 billion-person market

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#56 worldwide – Kenya’s ranking for ease of doing business

Welcome to TradePro Africa

At TradePro Africa, we facilitate companies to trade and invest in Africa. Our goal is to help you grow and benefit from some of world's fastest growing economies and the investment opportunities on offer. We offer tailoured advice and assistance on appropriate modes of entry and business investment.

International trade and investment come with inherent risks. We help you minimize the risk and make your international business foray more profitable and rewarding.

At TradePro we believe that partnerships and investments in Africa will spur economic growth of national economies with the benefits trickling down to local communities.

Our Services

At TradePro we endeavour to understand your unique needs and adapt a tailor-made solution to guide on the appropriate mode of entry, taking into consideration your company goals and business culture.


Mode of Entry Consultancy

We offer business consultancy services with
emphasis on advice for new market entry.
This is applicable for selection and appointment
of local agents & distributors, franchising, foreign direct investment options including the setup of branches, wholly or partly-owned subsidiaries,
joint ventures and mergers & acquisitions.


Direct Investment Support

We facilitate the process of registering a branch
or subsidiary including identifying a suitable
physical location, staff recruitment and compliance
to statutory requirements and certifications.


Joint Venture Partner Matching

We take you through the process of prospecting for appropriate partners, selecting the best fit and the actual process of engagement and agreement.


Agencies and Distributorships

We assist you in the process of prospecting for trading partners and selecting the best fit. We not only engage them on your behalf but also undertake monitoring services to ensure compliance to terms and agreements.

    • We assist by linking potential investors to their specific fields of interest. For prospective or uncertain investors, we will provide you with expert advice and insights on gaps and opportunities in Kenya and the region.
    • At TradePro we undertake risk assessment services for our clients to mitigate against the inherent risk that comes with international trade and investment.
    • For all our international clients, TradePro also offers monitoring services for the local operations. We keep a close eye on your partnerships and investments to ensure adherence to your corporate governance guidelines and compliance with the agreed terms and performance expectations.
    • At TradePro we understand that your time is a valuable asset. We therefore facilitate business travel to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
    • TradePro offers you the opportunity for socially responsible investing (SRI), making your investment count for more than just financial returns. We facilitate and support investment is sectors such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, conservation, and accessible basic services including housing, healthcare and education.
    • TradePro partners and compliments government and non-government actors in their efforts to promote and facilitate trade and investment in Africa. This includes tailored services on mode of entry as well as organizing trade missions in partnership with foreign embassies and business organizations.

Why Africa

Opportunity is having 17% of the world’s population, but only about 3% of global GDP.


Africa’s projected population in 2050


Kenya’s ranking for ease of doing business


GDP in 2020


Billion-person market
World’s largest free trade area


Out of 10 fastest
growing economies are African countries (2018)